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We are a movement of Creative Technologists’ providing essential skills beyond the classroom.

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Join Us For Summer 2019!

Summer is right around the corner, and we have lots of fun activities in store for you! Join us in making this the best summer yet as we explore the lifestyle of a Top Secret Spy Agent and learn how to design and engineer our own gadgets and props.

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Developing skills beyond the classroom.

Launched by a team of artists, designers, and technologists, Maker Studio programs disrupt the notion that kids need to choose between being creative or being technical. We are a movement of Creative Technologists’ embracing the inexorable link between creativity and engineering.

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Bridging the Gap Between Creativity and Technicality.

We have a variety of programs to offer. Explore our services below!

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Three Learning Pathways for Students of All Ages.

Our curriculum adapts to age-appropriate challenges that grow with your child each year based on CORE curriculum math subject standards.


Creative Explorer

K-2nd Grade


Design Engineer

3rd-5th Grade


The Creatist

6th-8th Grade


Our Curriculums

We have built our educational philosophy around one single purpose: to fuel self-initiated learning that is driven by the natural instinct to build self-confidence.


Design Engineering

•Functional programming with Scratch

•3D modeling & Printing with TinkerCAD

•Prototyping with clay & wood

•Implementing sensors with Microbit



•Learning sewing & construction skills

•Applying engineering & math to the fashion design process

•Designing accessories with 3D modeling


Creative Technologist

•Event driven programming

•3D modeling & printing

•Laser Cutting & machine shop skills

•Team projects


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Join Our Community!

Our kids regain their confidence on their technical skills through the discovery of the creative pathway to problem solving and skill building.

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It’s like watching a live TED talk for the kids.
— Justen Lee, Instructor
I never thought I would be able to sew. Now I love it!
— Sophia Lucero, Student