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Passion. Experience. Diligence.


The Short Story of Becoming a Creative Technologist


Building A Future of Creative Technologists

Our vision stems from the premise that the coders of today will need to evolve to be the “Creative Technologists” of tomorrow. When I first set out to see if this big vision could work, it was a simple idea to help my students see the connection between math and engineering through Fashion Design and focus on the STEM gap for girls through relatable material that made learning fun again! What a lot of people don’t realize is that fashion has so much Science, Technology, Engineering and Math involved and played a key role in the development programmable machines from textile looms. Being a designer I wanted to bring back learning through creativity that fosters curiosity, exploration and ingenuity for students who see themselves as “right-brain” thinkers.

My personal story is the foundation for my dedication and perseverance in resolving this need. As a woman, minority, and student with dyslexia, I empathize with the struggles. I know, personally, the negative impact of low confidence resulting from demographic and academic setbacks. However, my love for learning has exposed me into many different topics that I draw inspiration from to connect and bridge ideas together. This is the premise for ingenuity and innovation.

So, my message to all aspiring designers, artists, and technologists is to learn how to be a self-initiated learner. Dare to be a rebel, dare to dream big, be naive and try to develop your ideas, and learn the importance of presenting and communication. The first try might not make any sense, but keep trying different versions — one will stick. I am on version 300 and every evolution has gotten me closer to more unknowns and opportunities I didn’t see when I first envisioned this.

Thank you for being apart of our movement.


— Marissa Lucero, Founder & CEO

Our Vision

We believe that STEM careers are built on top of a creative foundation. We pave the way for out student’s future career regardless of gender, race, nationality, and ability.

Our Mission

We build educational solutions that fuel self-initiated learning by encouraging divergent thinking uniting design and engineering to maintain children’s passion for in-depth learning. We strengthen self-driven and continuous learners through our Outside-In© approach.

Our Instructors


Justeen Lee


Suzie McCartie


Austin Alcala


The Operational Team


Founder & CEO

Marissa Lucero

Background in product management and fashion designer. Marissa specializes in Product Development and studied International Trade & Marketing, which provided the foundation for the business. In addition, her personal struggle and story motives her to solve this problem. She draws from her own experiences which helps her relate to her student struggles to create successful and impactful educational solutions.


B.S. in International Trade & Marketing, 2010

Fun Facts

  • “My ideas are an abstraction of my ambiguity”

  • Loves doodling and sketching

  • Don’t like chocolate


Technical lead Content Developer

Albert Lee

Albert is developing our technical curriculum with a creative perspective with a blend of experience in both corporate and education environments. At Lear Corporation, he worked in multiple functions, and his biggest achievement was launching a new learning management system to over 15,000 team members. He also helped launch a Computer Science class at a Detroit public high school.


B.S. in Industrial & Operations Engineering, 2015

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys squirrel feeding.

  • A Michigan football fan, but never watches their games due to superstition.


the creative Content Developer

Fiona Stolorz

Fiona is an Industrial Design graduate from RISD and specializes in kid-centric products with a focus on the intersection of education and play. Her skills in design help translate into developing our unique approach to learning with the support of Albert our technical lead developer. In addition, Fiona’s background in teaching helps to support our instructor’s as they on-board.


B.F.A. in Industrial Design, 2018

Fun Facts

  • Has size 10 feet

  • Has Sketchers


Business & FInance Strategist

Eddie Chow

Eddie’s background in business and finance brings our vision to life, as he draws from his own family experience of running an import/export business in South America. He has learned personally how to run a successful business which he brings to our team the strategic guidance for success.


B.B.A. in Finance & Accounting, 2019

Fun Facts

  • Trilingual (Spanish, English, Chinese)

  • Loves music, his true dream career


Community success coordinator

Laetitia Parente

Laetitia has a background on Human Resources working in France, where she helped to recruit staff for several companies. A year ago, she began her journey in the US to grow her language skills. She has a passion for working with kids, and decided to become an Au Pair with a local family. This gave her a chance to pursue her dream as a Marketing professional due to her love for social media and content creation.


ISCAE, Nice, France
B.S. in Human Resources Management, 2016

Fun Facts

  • Quadrilingual (French, Portuguese, Spanish, English)

  • “J'aime boire du vin”, “Eu gosto de beber vinho”,“Me gusta beber vino”,”I like to drink wine”

  • Favorite wine: Rosé