Maker Studio

Our Curriculum


Three Learning Pathways for Students of All Ages

Our curriculum adapts to age-appropriate challenges that grow with your child each year based on CORE curriculum math subject standards.


Creative Explorer

K-2nd Grade


Design Engineer

3rd-5th Grade


The Creatist

6th-8th Grade


Our Curriculums

Our program curriculums consists of a set of projects that incorporate art & design activities infused with STEM subjects.



Fashioneering uses the inventiveness of design, efficiency of engineering, and innovation of science and materials to bring out the natural beauty and aesthetic found in clothing and accessories.

Key activities include:

  • Learning sewing & construction skills

  • Applying engineering & math to the fashion design process

  • Designing accessories with 3D modeling


Design Engineering

This entry point is designed to meet students through a pivotal point in the development of their math and engineering skills. The program foundation is structured based on common core standards.

They are learning skills that are grounded in geometric and algebraic standards that relates to the engineering process. We tackle and implement math so students are doing the math without realizing it. The design engineer track is an important time because this is where most students diverge into falling behind.

Key activities include:

  • Functional programming with Scratch

  • 3D modeling & Printing with TinkerCAD

  • Prototyping with clay & wood

  • Implementing sensors with Microbit


Creative Technologist

The Creative Technologist track encourages students to be the innovator and the Creatist (short for Creative Technologist). In order for kids to become continuous innovators, the program presents engineering challenges to provoke ingenuity, curiosity and boundary pushing. Rather than the teachers guiding the students, the roles shift for the students to become the creative technologist and present their engineering solutions. The teacher serves as a resource for students and provides support and guidance of student led projects.

Key activities include:

  • Event driven programming

  • 3D modeling & printing

  • Laser Cutting & machine shop skills

  • Team projects

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