Maker Studio
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Enrichment Classes


Where the learning journey begins!

Our after school enrichment programs are a time for students to be themselves, explore their curiosities and bring their imagination to life. Our creative technologist enrichment programs explore subjects such as fashion, architecture, technology, and prototyping through a variety of engineering challenges.



Why Do Parents Love it?

We reignite learning for the creative minded student who struggles to see how math and technology relate to their visual imagination

We offer a variety of programs that introduce students many skills and provide choices to create from the skills that they’ve learned. The programs start out guided and end on a more individualized path that allows them to create and innovate based on personal interest.

Our instructors are skilled artists and industry experts who act as positive role models for students, inspiring them on their creative journey.


Why Do Teachers Enjoy it?

Schools, teachers and other community program managers love us because we bring the creative journey and the industry experts to provide a unique educational experience for students to explore opportunities.

Our lessons are kid centric and provide fun creative activities for students between the ages of 8-14.

Your school has the option to include us in an existing enrichment schedule or include us as an elective school program.


Register your school to bring a program to you!

The pricing of the program varies based on the curriculum requested, class size, school location, etc.

Our program supervisor will accommodate a program structure that best fit your needs!