Maker Studio



“Fashioneering a future of engineers!”

Maker Studio is a movement to close the gender gap in STEM related fields by building confident fearless leaders in girls. We empower a future generation of “Fashioneers” by using fashion design to teach science, technology, engineering and math.



Look into our classes!

Our students learn different sewing and construction techniques with activities infused with math, science, and other subjects!



What do they learn?

Students in our Fashioneering program get to apply and refine their math skills learned from school through our activities that involves sewing and other construction techniques.

For example, they cut project pieces from their fabric yardage, which reinforces dividing a whole into smaller parts. They might have to fold it into fourths and cut along the fold in order to cut pieces for a tote bag. This assures good symmetry and the least amount of waste.

We ask them to “pick the best folding method for cutting your fabric,” and “how many pieces can fit onto your fabric?” to provoke their critical thinking.

And the most important part, they become more confident about their skills, which enhances their performance at school.


Our students BUILT THESE!


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The pricing of the program varies based on the curriculum requested, class size, school location, etc.

Our program supervisor will accommodate a program structure that best fit your needs!