Maker Studio

How It Works


Making your kids’ vacations filled with fun and knowledge!

As designers, it is our job to create more thoughtful and dynamic experiences that nurture children’s innate curiosity and creativity, and we equip teachers with the right environment to teach in a variety of ways. In our summer camps, the journey begins when the kids re-discover their natural desire for knowledge.

Our one week long summer programs are taught by tech experts and design pros in a fun, engaging and hands-on experience.  



We build confidence, and we have fun!

During our summer courses, students explore the principles of innovation through our Outside-In approach. Weekly activities & projects encourage divergent thinking to develop their creative problem-solving skills throughout our week-long intensive camps.

We incorporate Engineering Challenges that explore topics of history and practicability of STEM subjects. Students design creative solutions for these challenges, and walk away having more creative confidence to tackle any technical challenges that arise.


Technically Theoretical

We make technical learning fun for all! We bridge the gap between design principles with the STEM subjects to build a strong foundation as a strong designer. Student build confidence in their math skills through our approach.


Mother Nature is our best teacher. Our weekly outdoor activities are designed to inspire our students, and let them immerse in their surroundings. This shifting perspective through play and movement allows their creativity to flourish.


Students are not only exposed to crafting and making things, but also are encouraged to transition from conceptual-based learning to real-world situations. Our programs deepen their understanding of the school material as it relates to their career pathways.


Teamwork makes the dream work! Often, creativity can be an independent sport. However, through collaboration, ideas can spur and grow into larger concepts through the contribution of skills sets from others.