Maker Studio

Our Approach


 Outside-In Approach©

We have built our educational curriculum around one single purpose: to build students’ self-confidence with creative and engineering concepts through project-based learning. In this way, we improve students’ performance at school and prepare them for creative technology careers.

Through our developed Outside-In Approach© that combines technical engineering and creative thinking, we help kids to develop soft skills that will be essential for the future, focusing on problem solving, communication, brainstorming, investigation, and most importantly ingenuity.  Through creative content, our products and enrichment programs capitalize on students’ own personal interests. We are disrupting the notion that kids need to choose between being creative or being technical. The way we see it, future careers need creative technologists.

Through the incorporation of play, our content encourages children to keep on generating new ideas to fosters their creative-thinking abilities. We build on essential key components  of the natural rhythm of how kids learn to understand that it is not only possible, but acceptable, to hold contradictory or opposite ideas and feelings in their minds at the same time. Programs immerse students in learning experiences that generate independently driven conclusions through thought-provoking ideas.

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