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Marissa Lucero is a Bay Area native with Hispanic roots. She founded My Fashion Design Kit out of a desire to do something meaningful with her skills. She created her first business plan in high school through NFTE, and earned a degree in Fashion Design and International Trade and Marketing from FIT. She has 6 years of experience developing products for companies such as Gap Inc. and Pottery Barn Kids. She recently won first place at an EdTech Startup Weekend in Oakland.

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Suz Somersall founded KiraKira, after graduating from Brown University and RISD. She believes in leading with creativity and teaches kids about design-thinking and engineering through building products they love—from iPhone cases to jewelry to skateboards. 

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Elana Polichuk is a first generation immigrant refugee with a passion for education. She designed and completed a degree in Education Reform at the University of Minnesota, and upon graduation launched a tutoring agency helping students apply to colleges, which is how she discovered her love for entrepreneurship. She is currently advising Google’s top executives in communications strategy.