What is Design Engineering?

Design Engineering brings creativity into learning, using design projects to enhance technological thinking. We work in tangent with STEM curricula, incorporating STEM into design projects that engage students’ interests. In turn, the program builds a supportive community that hones students’ skills to prepare them for employment.

current problem

1. Arts take a backseat to STEM early in school. The benefits to play and creativity are beneficial to social and cognitive development, and without the arts, students don't acquire the crucial skills that ensure their success in future careers, and fail to see the opportunities that STEM and arts offer.

2. Although STEM is emphasized in standard school curricula, students are struggling to learn STEM material and do not relate the importance of the subjects to their everyday lives, resulting in disengagement from both the curricula and learning in general.

What are we doing to help?

We not only want our students to feel comfortable with basic math and science, we want them to possess the thinking skills needed to confidently pursue their interests.

Project Fashioneer approaches traditional STEM learning from a creative perspective. We teach STEM by incorporating it into students’ interests in design and technology, linking the creative and technical to empower students with lifelong confidence, communication, and problem-solving skills. In conjunction with youth organizations such as After School All-Stars and Boys and Girls Club, we provide access to this dynamic learning approach for underrepresented youth and students with learning disabilities. Students, especially those who may have felt left behind in their classes, have a second opportunity to discover the importance of STEM subjects and succeed in high school and future careers.

Project Fashioneer’s programming is designed for students ages 8-16 who move between the lines of creative arts and technical learning in their studies and do not fit into the traditional learning methods. In particular, the program serves girls, underrepresented youth, and students with learning disabilities.